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Adex Electronics

About Adex Electronics    
Adex Electronics, Inc. started business in 1985 and incorporated as a California corporation in 1997.  Since that time we have blossomed into
the leading manufacturer of bus extenders, flexible and multiple riser cards for both the world of system integrators and the test engineering
  We provide our high quality products to the individual end user, as well as the largest production companies, all over the world. 
Adex Electronics, Inc. is an actual manufacturing plant that is located in Lake Forest, California (USA).

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Product range   Adex Electronics
AGP Bus Extenders

AGP- Pro Bus Extenders

PCI Express Bus Extenders

PCI 32 Bit Bus Extenders

PCI 64 Bit Bus Extenders

ISA Bus Extenders

EISA Bus Extenders

VLB Bus Extenders

Card Bus / PCMCIA Tester
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