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Bluetooth Explorer 400 - All-in-One Bluetooth Protocol Analysis System by Ellisys


Whole-band BR/EDR and Low Energy sniffer, with concurrent capture of spectrum, HCI (USB, UART, SPI), WCI-2, logic signals, and Audio I2S.

more about Ellisys BEX400 Support for Bluetooth 4.1 Secure Connection and Connectionless Broadcast!


  • All-in-One: concurrent capture of BR/EDR, Low Energy, spectrum, HCI, logic, Audio I2S, and WCI-2, all synchronized to nanoseconds precision
  • Whole-Band Capture: easy and rock-solid capture of any traffic, including discovery / connection traffic and SSP pairing
  • Reprogrammable Digital Radio: support for new specifications without hardware changes
  • Multi-Piconet Support: see multiple piconets and scatternets, without limitations
  • All Protocols and Profiles: best-of-breed protocol decoding
  • Integrated Audio Analysis: listen to captured audio over-the-air, including HCI audio and I2S, within the software, in sync with all other traffic
  • Spectrum Display: characterize the wireless environment and visualize coexistence issues
  • Message Sequence Chart: create charts automatically from the powerful Ellisys protocol display
  • Free Maintenance: Free lifetime software updates as well as free fully-featured viewer software with unlocked hardware that can be used on any computer.

Traffic analysis is one of the key day-to-day activities for Bluetooth engineers looking to rapidly test and debug their prototypes and products. Unfortunately, Bluetooth over-the-air sniffing has always been difficult to perfect. Legacy sniffing methods suffered from major technological drawbacks, making them unreliable and even unusable in several circumstances, making Bluetooth engineers' tasks much more difficult.

With its revolutionary whole-band Digital Radio, Ellisys lifts protocol capture and analysis to new heights, radically overcoming the drawbacks of those legacy approaches to Bluetooth sniffing. The Ellisys all-in-one whole-band sniffer robustly records any packet, at any time, from any neighboring piconet, with zero-configuration and without being intrusive.

Ellisys BEX400
Ellisys BEX400

Ellisys BEX400 DatasheetPDF Datasheet


BTX Explorer by Ellisys    

The Ellisys BTX Explorer is a Bluetooth stack analysis tool for traffic monitoring, stacks and drivers debugging, interoperability verification and performance analysis. The BTX Explorer can significantly reduce your R&D development time by finding issues early and debugging more efficiently, and can improve quality and reliability by verifying compliance to the specifications.

The Ellisys BTX offers convenient ways to sniff the Bluetooth traffic:

  • Abstract probing: Abstract probing is a means for sniffing Bluetooth protocol via a software source. Logs of a known format can be imported and converted to an Ellisys trace. A powerful application programming interface (API) is included, and enables writing vendor-specific Bluetooth sources for real-time live import to the analysis software.

  • USB HCI probing: USB HCI probing is a convenient way of sniffing a Bluetooth USB dongle. The USB analyzer connects non-intrusively on any link and supports all speeds defined by the USB 2.0 specification.

screen shot Screen Shot..

Ellisys BTX Explorer DatasheetHTML Datasheet..

Bluetooth Software DownloadBluetooth Software Download..

  • UART HCI probing: UART HCI probing is helpful for sniffing an embedded system consisting of a Bluetooth radio chip connected to a microprocessor though UART. The UART analyzer has various ways to connect to the wires, either with flying leads or with DB-9 connectors. The two UART-based protocols defined by the Bluetooth 2.1 specification are supported, as well as CSR-specific BlueCore Serial Protocol (BCSP). All UART speeds are supported (from 300 to 6 Mbps).

  • SD HCI probing: SD HCI probing enables sniffing an SDIO Bluetooth card connected to an embedded host. The SD probe connects with an interposer board to the system under test and supports all speeds up to 50 MHz.

  • Over-the-air UWB probing: UWB is a high-speed wireless technology considered by the Bluetooth SIG for the upcoming revision of the specification. UWB will be used as high-speed endpoint enabling new multimedia applications. The UWB probe enables over-the-air sniffing of any next generation Bluetooth UWB endpoint.



USB Explorer 350 - USB 3.1 Protocol Test Platform by Ellisys


The Ellisys USB Explorer 350 is a super compact yet sophisticated protocol test and analysis system for USB 3.1 supporting all speeds, including the latest groundbreaking enhanced SuperSpeed at 10 Gbps. With many innovative features, it will be the perfect tool for adopters of the new USB 3.1 specification.

USB Explorer 350

The EX350 will be available in October 2013. Features and specifications will be disclosed at that time. If you are interested getting advance information about this system, feel free to contact us

Ellisys USB 3.1 analysis software

The following screenshot shows the Ellisys USB 3.1 analysis software with Mass Storage traffic and a SCSI Read transfer expanded. You can note the new "Link Credit 2" introduced in USB 3.1, as well as throughput of 1.02 GByte/s enabled by the enhanced SuperSpeed at 10 Gbps.

USB Explorer 350 Screenshot
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This screenshot shows the Ellisys Instant Timing view, zoomed-in in order to distinguis clearly packets and link commands. This view is very useful for visualizing protocol sequences, as well as measuring timings with an unequalled precision.

USB Explorer 350 Screenshot
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The Ellisys software can be configured in various modes for different tasks. The following screenshot shows a perfect configuration for debugging LTSSM progression, with the Instant Link State showing the valid and invalid transition, and the overview and Instant Timing showing the LTSSM states changes precisely.

USB Explorer 350 Screenshot
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more about Ellisys BEX400USB Explorer 350 press release




USB Explorer 280 - Super Speed Analyser by Ellisys


The Ellisys USB Explorer 280 is a sophisticated protocol test and analysis system for USB SuperSpeed traffic monitoring, driver and software stack debugging, and performance analysis. The USB Explorer 280 is designed to reduce R&D time by finding issues early and debugging more efficiently, and can improve quality and reliability by verifying adherence to the specification.


  • Analyze USB 3.0 (SuperSpeed) and USB 2.0 links (High Speed, Full Speed, Low Speed)
  • Emulate USB hosts and devices
  • Automatically detect link speed and SS receivers

Ellisys USB Explorer 280
Ellisys USB Explorer 280

Ellisys USB Explorer 280 DatasheetPDF Datasheet

  • Upload and display live data during recording
  • Record LFPS states and display state transitions
  • Connect to differential SMA for alternative front-end probing during prototype stages
USB Explorer 280 Press Release..

Ellisys USB Explorer 260    

Ellisys USB Explorer 260
Ellisys USB Explorer 260

Ellisys USB Explorer 260 DatasheetPDF Datasheet

The Ellisys USB Explorer 260 is a sophisticated protocol test system for USB traffic monitoring, driver and software stack debugging, protocol compliance verification and performance analysis. The EX260 can reduce your R&D development time by finding issues early and debugging more efficiently, and can improve quality and reliability by verifying compliance to the specifications.


The multifunction USB Explorer 260 can:

  • analyze USB 1.1 and USB 2.0 links at any speed, including OTG and the new InterChip-USB at all speeds and all voltages;
  • emulate USB hosts and devices;
  • inject pre-defined error patterns for stress and error recovery testing; and,
  • automatically verify compliance to the USB and class specifications.

Each flexible Ellisys USB Explorer 260 hardware unit is capable of acting either as a protocol analyzer or a packet generator depending on configuration.


Ellisys WiMedia Explorer 300    

The Ellisys WiMedia Explorer 300 Analyzer is ideal for peripheral development, protocol stacks verification, communication optimization, and other intricate development tasks. Its high-quality UWB RF front-end records traffic exchanged over the air between devices so you can display the resulting decoded information in your choice of several convenient formats.

The Ellisys WiMedia Explorer 300 Generator is the world's first frame generator for WiMedia Ultrawideband and Wireless USB protocols. It helps verify product and component reliability by generating reproducible traffic, timing and error scenarios.


Ellisys Wireless USB Explorer 300
Ellisys WiMedia Explorer 300

Ellisys WiMedia Explorer 300 DatasheetPDF Datasheet


Ellisys USB Explorer 200    

The USB Explorer 200 is a non-intrusive high speed USB 2.0 protocol analyzer that enables you to display bus states, packets sent and decode descriptors of the USB protocol. It can detect errors in devices, host controllers, embedded softwares or drivers as well as measure their performance. Very simple to use, this USB analyzer is the ideal companion for anyone developing USB devices, hosts, embedded software or drivers.

Available in two distinctive versions, the USB Explorer 200 will be matching perfectly your own development needs. The Standard Edition contains essential functionalities for every USB developer. The Professional Edition adds a hardware trigger, extensive USB classes decoders as well as a USB Analysis Development Kit enabling one to develop custom USB analysis software.

  • Compatible with all three USB 2.0 speeds
  • Automatic detection of the Link Under Test speed
  • Measurement of USB bus states and low level protocols
  • Highly affordable permitting to supply each developer with one unit
  • Non intrusive analysis
  • Small and robust enclosure, powered by the USB bus
  • Perfect for off-site interventions
  • Download of the analyzed data in real time with a high speed USB 2.0 connection

Ellisys USB Explorer 200
Ellisys USB Explorer 200

Ellisys USB Explorer 200 DatasheetPDF Datasheet

  • Scalable design of the hardware
  • Powerful hardware trigger
  • Display of transactions and transfers layers
  • High level decoding of standard requests and descriptors
  • High level decoding of classes requests and descriptors
  • Powerful display filters
  • Exportation of analyzed data to several formats (XML, text, raw, etc.)
  • Didactic display with reference to the specification
  • Software development kit available
  • Free viewer software

Ellisys Comparison Chart Comparison chart


Ellisys IC-USB    
Ellisys provides a unique (and exclusive) way for customers to probe an embedded USB bus.  The probe is specially designed to support embedded USB applications, including embedded USB designs compliant to Inter-Chip USB (IC_USB), a new specification that provides requirements for embedded USB designs, including alternative (lower) signal voltage levels.
  A Getting Started Guide is available in draft format and will be made available on the Ellisys website soon.
Ellisys IC-USB
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