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Impulse Noise Simulator
Noiseken: INS 4020/4040 | INS AX2 

Noiseken INS 4020/4040

The INS-4020 and 4040 Impulse Noise Simulators are even more convenient and userfriendly than previous models, thanks to the following new features:

  • Push button setting for all parameters
  • Terminal block outlet panel
  • Sweep operation for output voltage, phase angle and repetition cycle
  • Up to 5 test settings stored in the memory
  • Floating output
  • Coupling mode selection by plugging the supplied coaxial  connector to the selected port
  • Easily changeable mercury relay
  • Built-in 50 ohm terminator
  • Easily changeable outlet panels

Noiseken Impulse Noise Simulator INS 4020/4040
Noiseken INS 4020/4040

Noiseken Datasheet PDF Datasheet


Noiseken INS AX2    

Noiseken Impulse Noise Simulator INS AX2
Noiseken INS AX2

Noiseken Datasheet PDF Datasheet

The INS-AX2 series simulators are the advanced version of the conventional manually operated INS-4020/4040 simulators, maintaining the identical interference signal characteristics while offering a new level of ease of use.


An innovative, motor driven coaxial switch mechanism eliminates the need to manually plug and unplug coaxial connectors, allowing a preset test sequence to be carried out seamlessly including pulse width and coupling mode changes, automatic voltage ramp and others.

As well as manual control, the simulator can be remote-controlled through a fiber optic computer interface. A Windows control software package is supplied as an included accessory.

  • Floating output
  • 8 pulse widths installed:
    10ns, 50ns, 100ns, 200ns,
    400ns, 500ns, 800ns and 1000ns
  • Internal switchable terminators
  • Easily changeable and safety-interlocked outlet panel (EUT interface)

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