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ESD Simulator / Generator : ESS-S3011 | ESS-B3011/ESS-L1611 | ESS-6002/6008 
Impulse Noise Simulator: INS 4020/4040 | INS AX2 
Fast Transient Burst Simulator: FNS-AX3 
Lightning Surge Simulator: LSS-F02 | LSS-6230 
Voltage Dip and Swell Simulator: VDS-2002 | VDS-1007 / VDS-2007 


Noiseken Electrostatic Discharge Simulator ESS-S3011


EMC test equipment to evaluate the resistibility of electronic equipments when energy charged on a human body or object is charged to the electronic equipments. This can be available for evaluating malfunctions or functions declines of electronic equipments which are driven by AC/DC against the ESD. Programmable simulator to ease some complicated tests. The output voltage is up to 30kV and performable IEC61000-4-2 & ISO 10605 Standards compliant tests.


  • " 3 pre-checking function" to make sure the more confirmable test 
  • "CR constant indicator" to make sure the correct unit attachment
  • One-touch exchange of gun head and CR unit realized
  • "Ten-key & Rotary knob" to ease the setting
  • "Infra-red Remote Controller" to realize the setting remotely from the generator (Standard attached)
  • " Discharge Detecting Function" to realize the air-discharge confirmation
  • "Lightest discharge gun in the market" to lighten the continuous operation (Excluding the cable and connector)

Noiseken ESD Simulator ESS-S3011
Noiseken ESS-S3011

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  • " White LED Irradiator" to facilitate the visualization of the discharging areas
  • " Control Software" to enable the test result reporting and control with PC


Noiseken Electrostatic Discharge Simulator ESS-B3011/ESS-L1611


Cost-oriented basic model ESD Simulator the light weight discharge gun attachable. The output voltage can be selected either max. 30kV (B3011) or max. 16kV (L1611) and compliant to both EN/IEC61000-4-2 Standard (both B3011 and L1611) and ISO10605 Standard (only B3011).


  • "Pre-checking function" taking the confirmable test into the account
  • "CR constant checking function” (No indicator) to make the correct unit
    attachment sure"
  • "Discharge Detecting Function” to realize the air-discharge confirmation
  • "Lightest Discharge Gun in the market” to lighten the continual operation"
  • "White LED Irradiator” to facilitate the visualization of the discharging area
  • One-touch exchange of gun head and CR unit realized

Noiseken ESD Simulator ESS-B3011/ESS-L1611
Noiseken ESS-B3011/ESS-L1611

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Noiseken ESS-6002/6008


The ESS-6000 series ESD simulators are testers specifically designed to carry out ESD sensitivity testing of semiconductor devices to standards such as MIL-STD-883, EIAJ ED-4701 and others. Included are the Human Body Model (HBM) and Machine Model (MM) probes. 

As a DUT interface, select either Free Type Probe Stand where virtually any package type can be connected by means of a pair of miniature test leads or Semi-automatic Precision Type Probe Stand providing automatic and precise pin-to-pin feeding with a minimum 0.01mm resolution.


  • 8kV maximum output <ESS-6008>
  • 10V minimum output (1V step) <ESS-6002>
  • A simple probe stand and test fixture plus a pair of miniature test leads meeting many different kinds of device packages <Free Board Type>
  • Narrow pitch DUT can be tested in semi-automatic manner <Semi-automatic Precision Type>

Noiseken ESD Simulator ESS-2002EX
Noiseken ESS-6002/6008

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  • Each probe has a coaxial interface with an external measuring instrument.
  • External trigger input and output terminals are provided.


Noiseken INS 4020/4040


The INS-4020 and 4040 Impulse Noise Simulators are even more convenient and userfriendly than previous models, thanks to the following new features:

  • Push button setting for all parameters
  • Terminal block outlet panel
  • Sweep operation for output voltage, phase angle and repetition cycle
  • Up to 5 test settings stored in the memory
  • Floating output
  • Coupling mode selection by plugging the supplied coaxial  connector to the selected port
  • Easily changeable mercury relay
  • Built-in 50 ohm terminator
  • Easily changeable outlet panels

Noiseken Impulse Noise Simulator INS 4020/4040
Noiseken INS 4020/4040

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Noiseken INS AX2


Noiseken Impulse Noise Simulator INS AX2
Noiseken INS AX2

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The INS-AX2 series simulators are the advanced version of the conventional manually operated INS-4020/4040 simulators, maintaining the identical interference signal characteristics while offering a new level of ease of use.


An innovative, motor driven coaxial switch mechanism eliminates the need to manually plug and unplug coaxial connectors, allowing a preset test sequence to be carried out seamlessly including pulse width and coupling mode changes, automatic voltage ramp and others.

As well as manual control, the simulator can be remote-controlled through a fiber optic computer interface. A Windows control software package is supplied as an included accessory.

  • Floating output
  • 8 pulse widths installed:
    10ns, 50ns, 100ns, 200ns,
    400ns, 500ns, 800ns and 1000ns
  • Internal switchable terminators
  • Easily changeable and safety-interlocked outlet panel (EUT interface)



Noiseken FNS-AX3 - Fast Transient Burst Simulator


Electrical fast transients (EFT), such as switching transients originating from inductive load interruption, relay contact bounce, etc., are one of the main causes of equipment malfunctions,because they can occur anywhere, interfering with circuits primarily via mains and interconnection cables.

EFT is characterized by fast rise times and a short duration of pulses. Also significant is the fact that EFT comes in bursts with repetition rates exceeding 100kHz. In the real world, an EFT event is a series of pulses with changing amplitudes and repetition rates. For test purposes, the IEC 61000-4-4 standard defines an idealized EFT/B.

For anyone who wants to build quality products with an extensive test program from design, qualification, production to diagnostic purpose, the FNS-AX3 simulators will serve as a critical tool with a new level of performance and efficiency meeting and far exceeding the IEC standard requirements.

  • A new level of ease of use with a touch-panel color LCD and screen design for intuitive settings, color graphical representation and good visibility.
  • Three operation modes
    • IEC61000-4-4 STANDARD mode for an instant use.
    • MANUAL mode for free setting including ramping.
    • SEQUENCE mode for a seamless run of combined settings in Manual mode.
  • 4.8kV output at 2MHz pulse repetition rate assures the worst case testing

Noiseken FNS-AX3
Noiseken FNS-AX3

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  • Valuable additional output modes
    • Polarity Reversal
    • Pulse Repetition Frequency Modulation
  • A wide variety of options
  • A single package solution offering a generator and CDN
  • Selection of single phase CDN rated 16A or three-phase CDN rated 50A
  • Compliance to IEC/EN61000-4-4 Edition 2.0


Noiseken LSS-F02 - Lightning Surge Simulator


Noiseken LSS-F02
Noiseken LSS-F02

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Surges represent transients that might be induced in cables by lightning. By their nature, fairly high energy charges may easily damage or upset unprotected electronics circuits and components. Surges are not a new problem. Many companies have been testing their products at various stages of the products life: design tests, qualification tests, production tests and diagnostic tests.


The advance of surge suppression devices and technique does not lessen the importance of surge testing, but rather increases it, as the requirement to reduce power consumption and to increase the operational speed of semiconductors has become more demanding. In addition, the issue of surge testing is attracting renewed interest since this form of immunity is now a must for almost all electronic products for access to the global market.

  • "Output voltage 15kV, current 7500A" which can conduct breakdown resistibility test
  • "50% reduction of the output interval" which can drastically reduce the test time
  • "Touch-panel" adopted for the easy test setting
  • "Multi-languages" for the easy operation processing available
  • "Indicator" which is linked with the test setting equipped
  • PC control available with the optional software
  • "Emergency stop" & "Interlock terminal" which secure the test operator equipped
  • "Output waveform monitor terminal" which can ease pre-checking of the waveforms prior to the actual test


Noiseken LSS-6230 - Lightning Surge Simulator

  • Lightning Surge Simulator conforming to IEC61000-4-5 ed2 Standard
  • Ring wave conforming to ANSI/IEEE C62.45 available
  • Max. voltage 6.6kV output focusing on the practical use
  • Monitor terminal standard equipped so as for easy waveform pre-checking
  • Interlock built-in as the emergency stop function for safety
  • Remote control software from PC ready as the option besides the stand-alone operation
  • AC/DC CDN standard equipped. Available up to 3-phase AC500V 50A as the option
  • CDN for Telecom lines, CDN for interconnection lines, isolation transformer, etc. ready as the option

Noiseken LSS-6230
Noiseken LSS-6230

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Noiseken VDS-2002 - Voltage Dip and Swell Simulator


Noiseken VDS-2002
Noiseken VDS-2002

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The NoiseKen VDS-2002 Voltage Dip and Up Simulator, uncompromising on and fully compliant with all the test generator requirements in the standard including fast rise and fall times, peak inrush current drive capability, overshoot/undershoot and others, fulfills accurate testing needs.

  • Fully compliant with all the test generator requirements of IEC standard.
  • One unit solution for dip, swell, interruption and variation tests up to 16A 290V single phase AC
  • Interruption test up to 16A 125V DC (*)
  • Two motor-driven transformers approach enables switching between any voltages (*)
  • Preset IEC test levels 0%/40%/70%/80% plus additional 120%
  • Two modes for 0% (interruption) test: open & short (*)
  • Optional Windows application software available to more extensively control the unit
  • Accurate waveforms

(*) optional software required



Noiseken VDS-1007 / VDS-2007 - Voltage Dip and Swell Simulator

  • Enable to enrich EMC preliminary tests with the remote control as an AC stabilizing power source in the stand-alone.
    • VDS-1007:1kVA
    • VDS-2007:2kVA
  • Enable IEC61000-4-11/13/14/28 precompliant tests
  • Usable to be power source for IEC61000-3-2-2 precompliant measurement
  • Enable to put out arbitrary waveforms and measure harmonics

Noiseken VDS-1007 / VDS-2007
Noiseken VDS-1007 / VDS-2007

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