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Fiber TAPs

Cubro Optical TAP up to 43Gbit


Fully passive and easy to use. Can be used for all optical signal from SDH, Ethernet, ATM, FC etc.

Units with 1,2, 4, 6, 8 links are available.

We can provide every connector avaliable on the market

Easy to use and operate

  • Easy operation and installation
  • No PC or software necessary
  • No bugs, no software updates means more time for your business

Monitor Output
Optical connector can be different from link connectors. On request units with more outputs avaliable. Up to 5 outputs are possible, depending on the power budget of the network link.


Cubro Optical TAP up to 43Gbit
Cubro Optical TAP up to 43Gbit

Rugged 19" Housing

  • Stable 19" Housing with precise connector
    labelling on front panel.
  • 19" 1U and 2U high, on request many other housings possible

Fully passive

  • No LED indicators
  • No Power

Cubro BiDi optical TAP


Cubro BiDi optical TAP
Cubro BiDi optical TAP

Typical fiber connectivity requires dual strand fiber for two endpoints of the optical full-duplex network; first used for transmission and second for reception. However, this can be optimized by using single strand fiber optical transceivers that enables Bi-directional full-duplex operation of transmit and receive signals over single strand fiber, by using separate wavelengths - e.g. 1310nm/1490nm or 1310/1550nm. While BiDi transmission system saves fibers it makes monitoring of the data traffic more difficult. How to distinguish between TX and RX direction?

The CUBRO optical BiDi TAP is the right answer to this challenge. One the one hand it passes the BiDi Traffic fully transparently through while on the other side it features two independent monitoring outputs - one for each direction. Thus it allows capturing, decoding and troubleshooting per direction. Moreover, the CUBRO optical BiDi TAP is also available with Aggregation Converter functionality. In this case the link traffic of both directions is aggregated and converted to a single 1000B-T monitoring output.


Requiring no power, the CUBRO optical Bidi TAPs maintain permanent passive connection for monitoring purposes without introducing a potential point of failure or disturbing other network connections. The CUBRO passive optical TAPs deliver full-duplex monitoring with zero impact on the network.

Totally traffic transparent
CUBRO optical BiDI TAPs are totally traffic transparent and offer 100% throughput. Therefore the optical BiDI TAPs can be used for any optical network application, regardless of the bitrate. Whether it is monitoring of STM-64, STM-256, 10G Ethernet or OTN signals, CUBRO is the right choice.

Broadband Design
The network section of the CUBRO optical BiDi TAP is broadband. That means it covers every wavelength between 1290 and 1610nm. Thus it can be used for different TX and RX wavelengths combinations such as 1310nm/1490nm, 1310nm/1550nm or 1490nm/1550nm.

Portable or Rackmount
The CUBRO optical BiDI TAP can either be delivered as portable version or as 19" rackmount version. The 19" rackmount version is able to hold up to three pieces BiDi TAPs in 1U.

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